No matter how much faith you may have in your insurance company, when it comes to filing auto accident claims it is always important to have the assistance of an attorney. The unfortunate truth is that insurance companies are often protecting their own bottom lines. A skilled auto accident lawyer will help protect you from the possibility of inadequate offers of settlement from your insurance company when it comes to covering costs resulting from accidental damages.

An insurance company might also endeavor to delay the processing of your claim, or even to deny your claim altogether. If the company does this without explanation, they may be acting in bad faith. A lawyer can help you take legal action in this type of situation.

Your insurance company is required to either pay or deny your auto accident claim; unexplained or unreasonable delays are not an option. They are required to cooperate with you and offer some explanation of what is required of you, as well as clarification of what the benefits are that you have been paying for. The company must respond to your inquiries in a timely manner and clearly explain any denial or reduction in your claim, including reference to specific policy provisions or laws. Failure to comply with any of these requirements can amount to “bad faith” on their part, and your lawyer will know what recourse you can take.

Liability disputes are another method employed by insurance companies to circumnavigate payouts on auto accident claims. The law requires your insurance company to act in good faith and to represent your interests in the event that another driver, passenger or pedestrian files a claim against you. Insurance companies don’t always abide by this requirement, however. Evidence can be overlooked, investigations may be delayed or left entirely incomplete, and the company may be slow to return calls or letters.

There is an unfortunate amount of pressure applied to insurance adjustors to guard corporate profits. The result of this is that your local office may not even have the resources to properly investigate and handle your claim, let alone the inclination to do so. If the decision has been made within the company to prioritize profitability over their obligations towards the people they insure, you will most certainly need an experienced, aggressive lawyer on the case.

Your lawyer will know how to read the signs of a company mishandling a claim. Look at this site to find a list of competent lawyers. He or she will know how to proceed aggressively in the interest of maximizing the compensation you receive and so rightfully deserve after years of paying your premiums every month. Auto accidents are stressful enough, as you may already be feeling doubly victimized – first by the other driver, second by the other driver’s insurance provider. The worst thing is to feel victimized yet again by your own insurance provider. Your lawyer will stand up to your insurance provider to get you the money you are owed.