Find Your Experience

We had a great experience finding a hot tub dealer. First off, we weren’t even in the market for a hot tub until we went to our friend’s house for a barbeque. Their hot tub was just amazing. It was comfortable, warm and had over 50 jets. Just sitting in their hot tub felt like a massage! We wanted to just stay there forever.

After we had experienced the hot tub at our friend’s house, they told us about a recommended hot tub dealer in the area. This was the same dealer that they had went through, and they highly recommended that we went to this hot tub dealer also. We instantly agreed. Their hot tub was so amazing. Their kids enjoyed using it, they used it all the time – we were pretty much sold just from that one experience.

After we called their recommended hot tub dealer, we ended up visiting them in person. We wanted to see the different types of hot tubs that they had and look at price ranges. There were amazing hot tubs there in stock. They had them plugged in with water and running. We instantly felt like we were back at our friend’s house, staring in awe at their amazing hot tub. It turns out, we found out that their hot tub was over two years old. This dealer’s hot tubs were so highly recommended because they are built to last and made out of quality parts, right here in the United States. We were shocked because our friend’s hot tub looked brand new.

We looked through all the different models that this hot tub dealer had to offer. They were so helpful in showing us each model and walking us through all the features. We loved the newest and largest hot tub that they showed us. It was surly the Cadillac of all hot tubs! And, it was much bigger than our friends. We instantly fell in love with it. The recommended hot tub dealer showed us our options for financing, and we happily filled out an application.

It has been just a few weeks since that day where we met the hot tub dealer in their showroom. Now, we are sitting outside on our deck, enjoying the outside in our brand new hot tub. Our friends came over last night and were so surprised. They were instantly jealous of the hot tub we bought, especially since it was so big and had so many more features than theirs. They are now thinking of going back and getting an even newer hot tub. This hot tub is flat out amazing. We would highly recommend this hot tub dealer to anyone! Even if you think you are not in the market to buy a hot tub, just one visit to their showroom will change your mind!